What Your Massage Therapist Wants You to Know

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Frequently asked questions about Massage Therapy:

Swedish vs. Deep Tissue Massage

Feel like the woman in the picture? Did your day start by hopping on the expressway only to get behind three cars, in three lanes going the same speed? Kids, co-workers, parents, significant other stressing you out? Need to escape? Then Swedish is for you! The goal of a Swedish massage is to help you relax and destress…to give you some quiet and peace in a tranquil place.


Deep Tissue

Do you carry stress in your neck and shoulders? Do you perform repetitive movements or work on a computer all day? Are you a runner or athlete who works out on a regular basis? Deep Tissue is not only about deeper pressure. The goal is to relax sore, tight, stiff, overworked muscles through trigger point therapy and stretching.




60 or 90 Minutes???

Many factors play a role in determining the right length of time for a massage. Often, the therapists come out saying, “I wish I had more time to work on that knot.” If you have not had a massage in a very long time, 90 minutesmight be for you. For many taller, stockier gentlemen…especially those who do physical labor…60 minutes may not be enough time. If you are on a regular maintenance program or are looking to relax, 60 minutes may be for you.


Should I talk during a massage?

Absolutely! Your treatment starts the moment you book your appointment. Any info you can provide about aches, pains, injuries, stiffness, etc. will help your therapist prepare for your treatment. Yes, they research and discuss best stretches, treatments, and practices for specific issues! During your massage, do not be afraid to speak up! Let your therapist know how you are feeling.




Do I need a regular massage?

If you are coming for relief of a particular issue, multiple sessions might be necessary before you see progress. Muscles have memory and unfortunately, they cannot distinguish between good and bad. Your muscles will need time and manipulation to adjust to the “good” position.

If this is your first massage or your first time here, the first massage is a “get-to-know-you massage”. Both you and the therapist will learn about what works, what pressure is best, and how your body responds to treatment.




Odds ‘n’ Ends

No, your therapist doesn’t mind if you have not shaved.

Yes, you should take off any long, dangling earrings or necklaces.

If you have really long hair, it may be helpful to put it up.
No, your therapist does not mind if you just worked out.

Undress to your comfort level, but keep in mind bras and socks may get in the way of treatment.

Yes, please ask questions!

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