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Halotherapy before? We offer 10-minute sessions in our salt chamber in which you sit and breathe salt-infused air.

Holistic Restorative Wellness Class

Holistic Restorative Wellness Classes address the impact of stress on the human condition. Classes are offered so individuals can live a fuller life and improve their wellbeing. Classes may include but are not limited to meditation, massage, stretching, uses of aromatherapy and managing stress in our everyday lives.

Personalized Individual or Group Classes Available!

Pricing & Policies

• Pre-registration required
• Classes are approximately 1 hour
• $121 per class
• Availability is limited

To register, call us at (585) 734-6239 or email us at

We do not offer medical advice. We are not medical professionals. If you have any health concerns, please contact your primary care provider.