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Halotherapy before? We offer 10-minute sessions in our salt chamber in which you sit and breathe salt-infused air.


Our professionally trained massage therapists help your body heal, and will customize any massage to your unique preferences and area of concerns.

Save Money with a Membership!

Become a Healing Hands Massage Member to enjoy one 60 minute or one 90 minute massage each month, plus 10% off additional services or products.

Craniosacral Therapy

A gentle hands-on approach that releases tension deep in the body to relieve pain, dysfunction and improve whole body health. Duration one hour. 


Alternative therapy involving the application of appropriate pressure to specific areas of the feet. These points correspond to different body organs & systems.

Prenatal & Postnatal Massage

Customized for expectant and new mothers to improve circulation mobility, relieve pain and help support the body function during this stage.

Migraine / Headache Massage

Custom Massage

A massage completely customized to your individual needs.