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Halotherapy before? We offer 10-minute sessions in our salt chamber in which you sit and breathe salt-infused air.

Spa Pedicure Membership

$52.00 / month

Become a spa pedicure member to enjoy one 60 minute spa pedicure each month and 10% off additional services or products.

The Healing Hands Spa Pedicure Membership Benefits:

  • One 60 minute Spa Pedicure
  • 10% off additional services or products
  • No enrollment fee
  • Price per Services stays the same until the end of contract (does not increase even if the studio prices changes, until renewal)


Payment options

  • Monthly payments of $52 per month for six (6) or twelve (12) months
  • Paid in full for six (6) months total amount of $312
  • Paid in full for twelve (12) months total amount of $624