Seasonal Packages

Healing Hands Detox & Restore Package:

First, we start with the Detoxifying Services.
Enjoy a 90 minute treatment with a Seaweed Wrap combined with a Swedish Massage. Next, whisk away damaged skin with a 60 minute Facial and an Organic Blueberry Peel. Next, treat those toes and feet to a Spa Pedicure with a Seaweed Scrub.
Finally, Restore balance to your body with a Yoga Massage.

Package Price: $385
For best results, we recommend completing all the services in 4 – 6 weeks. Please call the studio to purchase.

Healing Hands Mini Detox & Restore Package:

30 minute Seaweed Wrap
30 minute Facial
30 minute Swedish Massage

Package Price, 1.5 hours: $140
Please call the studio to purchase and book your appointment.

Healing Hands Recommended Detox & Restore Products:


Chamomile Cleanser

Cranberry Orange Mist

Hibiscus Creme

Petals & Grits Scrub

Detox & Restore Face Mask

Pear & Rhubarb Serum

Detox & Restore Tea

Detox & Restore Esthetician to Go Set

Healing Hands Detox & Restore Add-on Services:
(Prices for Add-ons vary depending on time and service.)

Seaweed Wrap

Seaweed Scrub


Organic Blueberry Peel

Hot Stone


Foot Soak

Raindrop Therapy