wax treatment healing hands spa victor ny
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Eyebrow Sculpture 17
Upper Lip 10
Chin 10
Cheeks 10
Full Face (Brow, Lip, Cheeks, Chin) 45
Upper or Lower Arm 30
Full Arm 40
Underarm 25
Chest 30
Full Back 45
Full Back & Chest 68
Half Leg 38
Full Leg 68
Full Leg w/ Basic Bikini 74
Basic Bikini 31
Narrow Bikini 38
Brazilian 50+

Benefits of Waxing 

  1. Improved skin texture. In addition to removing excess and unwanted hair, waxing also removes the top layer of dry, dead skin cells. This results in skin that is far more smooth and even toned.  
  2. No skin irritation or allergies.Properly done by a trained and experienced professional, the waxing procedure can result in no or very little and fleeting redness.
  3. Stubble-free skin. Unlike shaving, which simply cuts hair off at the point where it emerges from the skin, waxing removes all hair completely by the root. Shaving can result in skin that feels rough and stubbly, whereas waxing can result in skin that feels smooth. 

In addition to these wonderful skin benefits, waxing can also cause hair to regrow at a much slower rate. The length of time it takes for hair to regrow after waxing can vary, but with repeated waxing, over time it is usually anywhere between four to six weeks. When hair does finally grow back, it is soft and fine, unlike the rough, stubbly hair regrowth that occurs after shaving.

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